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We offer psychic readings, psychic love spells, and psychic phone reading. Before any case is accepted I must first perform a compatibility analyzation on you and your desired partner through both names and dates of birth. I will test the spiritual energy connection level between you and this person to verify positive outcome (1-60% will not be strong enough 61-100% has guaranteed positive results or your money back)!

People often ask me how I realized I had psychic ability and what I did to develop my senses. I really can't say that anything in particular happened or caused me to realize my gift. The ability has just always been a part of my conscious reality for as long as I can remember.

As a child, psychic sense was an active part of my thought process and self awareness. I was able to sense the emotions of those around me, feel their pain and concerns as clearly as my own sense of sight or smell. This was always a part of the information that influenced my decisions.

I didn't realize until I was in middle school that it was not a standard part of everyone's life. I was surprised to find that it was often dismissed, ignored, or rarely encouraged. As a result, I made few attempts to share that aspect of myself with others. The exception to that of course was my home, a loving place where diversity, awareness, reflection, and faith were highly encouraged.

I was never pushed in to anything but when I opened up about things I was noticing, feeling, and seeing, I was always supported and encouraged to follow my path and do as I believe.

My mother was a psychic reader and spiritual healer but did nothing to impose her beliefs on me. She made sure that I had the freedom to find my own purpose and share it with the world as I saw fit.

My psychic ability intensified with time, like a muscle, the more I used it the stronger and more focused it became.

As a teenager I began experimenting with tarot and various methods of divination. I found that these feelings and senses could be productive and helpful. I could perceive reasoning and understanding of circumstances and the way they may change and move with time and influences. As I became comfortable with my craft I shared with my mother my progress and experiences, she was ecstatic. She opened my eyes to a world of good and positive change that I could create with my abilities. All I needed was faith in myself and to reach out to people in need of guidance.

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